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Custom The Pentium 2003 - 2009 Pentium 1(?) processor, 32mb ram, 1gb hard drive, 512mb hard drive, Windows 98, NVIDIA graphics card (unknown model, but its capacity is 64mb), CD drive, floppy disk drive. used mainly to play old dos games, now in storage.
IBM Aptiva The Aptiva 1998 - 2007 Pentium 3 processor, 64mb ram, 4gb hard drive, Windows 98 later ubuntu 6, CD drive, CD burner, floppy disk drive. de-commissioned due to hardware failure.
Compaq Presario SR1910AN The Compaq 2006 - 2010 AMD Sempron 3200+ (1.80 GHz) processor, 512mb ram later 2gb DDR2, 80gb hard drive, later 1tb hard drive, Windows XP and windows 3.1, DVD burner, NVIDIA graphics card Gforce 6150LE. (It was my main desktop computer) decommissioned due to motherboard failure.
Compaq Presario C700 (laptop) "Mark's laptop" 2008 - 2018 Intel Pentium due core processor, 1gb ram later 3gb, 120gb hard drive later 500gb, Windows vista Basic later Windows 7 Professional, windows 3.1, ubuntu 10.4, DVD burner. Main Laptop Computer
Custom The "Cool master" (referring to the brand of case) 2011 - 2018 AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T (2.80 GHz) processor (6 Cores), 4gb DDR3, 1TB hard drive, Windows 7 Professional, 2 DVD burners, NVIDIA graphics card Gforce GTS 450 (1GB graphics). Main Desktop Computer
IBM Aptiva The inherited Aptiva 1997 - 2018 AMD 1 (Unknown) processor, 64mb ram, 4.5 gb hard drive, Windows 98, CD burner, floppy disk drive. Spare
Custom The inherited 486 2011 - 2018 Intel 486 processor, 32mb ram, 2gb hard drive, DOS 6.1 Windows 3.1, CD Drive, floppy disk drive. Operating system development
Custom The 386 1993 - 2018 Intel 386 processor, 32mb ram, 1gb hard drive, Windows 95, CD Drive, floppy disk drive. Spare

* I also inherited a lot of old motherboards which aren't listed here because they're used for spare parts.

** Q: Why do you have this on your website? A: I can name at least two other nerds that have this kind of information on their websites: and


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