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This website was created back in 2009 to serve as a reference to all the work that I've done over the years, that is in regards to computers and computer programming, specifically open-source software development.

My Avatar

My AvatarMy Avatar is (or is meant to be a representation of a) Trident which is carried by a Daemon to symbolize a software daemon's forking of processes, traditionally in Unix/Linux environments a daemon is a computer program that runs as a background process, it felt fitting as a digital representation of my personality; a socially introverted individual, always working quietly in the background, with no particular bias towards good or evil.

It was created back in 2009 originally as an icon for a remote shell client, and was adopted as my default avatar in 2011.

The symbol itself originally derived from the USB trident logo, however later derivatives were redesigned to insure that it couldn't be associated with the USB trident logo.

It does not represent a satanic symbol in anyway shape or form, there is a derivative of it in which the tail is longer, and this image is the one most commonly associated with the devil by older computer illiterate people.

Some images still carry the old logo design as a signature.

The reason for picking something that is generally seen as a UNIX convention is because imah super 1337 hax0r w/ mah hacking and programming 'n shitz!


My Anonymity

Devious_Malcontent is a common user name I adopted while in high school back in 2009.

Devious because of my ability to acquire or to obtain anything, and to almost always get away with anything, Malcontent came from the lyrics in a system of a down song "Deer Dance".

DeviousMalcon_t and DeviousMalcon-t are the result of character limits.

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