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  Compaq_Owner on Battlefield 1942 and Halo 2004 - 2005

  raven0blood0warrior on XFire 2004 - 2008 now Salsa Shark.

  Colgate Cavity Patrol on Steam.

  Salsa_Shark on Moddb, IndieDB and Desura December of 2008 - Present

  Salsa_Shark on Rooster Teeth June of 2009 - Present

  DeviousMalcontent on YouTube (Primary vlog channel), Facebook and Tumblr

  DeviousInsight on YouTube (Secondary, every day, subscriptions, comments and miscellaneous channel)

  Devious_Malcontent on every other site since 2010

  @DeviousMalcon_t on Twitter and Heello

  deviousmalcon_t on Instagram, Tweeria, Vine and Klout

  DeviousMalcon_t on Kik

  Hammer on Emojli

  DeviousMalcon_t on Minecraft

  deviousmalcon-t on®

  DeviousMalconte on Pinterest and Redbubble

  Noppenfolie (Dutch for bubble wrap) is a nick name inspired by this guy. Visit his homepage here.

  Noppenfolie on Google Groups

  devious_malcontent on Skype Call | Chat

  DeviousMalconte on Xbox Live

  DeviousMalcon_t on Origin

  DeviousMalcon_t on Sony Entertainment Network and PlayStation Network

  PlayStation Network Public trophies


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